How It Works

After starting your Free Trial, you can immediately begin adding images and videos of your dogs and puppies, but also music and text to your website. It's so easy, anyone can do it! Include links to other dog-friendly websites, create a quiz and poll for your visitors, and create a family tree to proudly show off your champion blood lines.

It's easy to do in your Control Panel.

how it works

You can choose between three website packages.

The Bronze Package includes hosting, unlimited pages on your website, and tools to help you connect to your customers.

The Silver Package includes all the Bronze package features plus includes email and a shopping cart so you can sell products or services securely online. The Gold package features extended limits so you can sell online with no restrictions. To see the difference between all three packages, visit the Pricing Page.

If you are too busy with the upkeep of your dogs, and don't have time to create your site, we can do it for you.

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