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- Queensland, Australia
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- Talihina, OK
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Create your breeder website like a professional

When creating your own breeder website, you want it to look as professional as possible. Professional website builders follow certain rules to achieve great website design. You can too when you create your own website following these guidelines:

Use One Font Type

Choose only one font type (ex. Verdana or Arial) for all your website text. It may look dull to use just one type of font, but most of professionally-designed sites on the web create website standards for font use. Even when web designers choose to use different fonts, often times they are in the same font family.

Use Two Font Sizes

Pick one font size for your text and another larger font size for your titles. This will create a website that is conducive to reading and retaining information by making it easy for your visitors to scan and pick out text they want to read.

Make Sure Text is Legible

Choose your font color and background color carefully. The easiest way to read text online is when there is a lot of contrast (example: black text on white background). Create a nice look for your site with a well chosen color palette, but make sure that your text is legible. If your website creates an easy reading environment, your visitors will stay on your site longer, and read more!

Keep Files Light

When you create your website you may have some files that can be downloaded (word documents, music files or other files). Make them as light as possible. Your website will load easier, and your visitors will thank you for not making them wait for items to load, and for creating a website with a great user experience!

Create Link Text

Create web page links in your text to help visitors easily navigate between your pages. You can do this by leading visitors to your most important pages by creating linked text throughout your web pages. Use short, precise words (example: View new puppies in the photo albums) in your link to tell your visitors what page they will be going to. If you need help creating link text in your website, go to the create links section of the Help Center

Create Website Interactivity

Flash intros add interactivity and creativity to your site. You can add-in your logo or other design element and create an additional website feature to your site. Create your Flash intro in multiple Flash formats so that all your visitors can see it.

Create Specific Web Pages

Spread your text into multiple pages to make your website content easier to read. Break up long pages of content into separate pages by theme to create a better user experience. When visitors return to your site, they will easily be able to refer back to the page they found interesting.