Success Stories
Pug Breeder Funny Farm Pugs Promotes Responsible Adoption While Taking Business From Local to Nationwide With Website.

After much success breeding her pugs, she decided to reach out to a wider audience by creating a website 3 years ago. She now offers her adoption services and shares her contagious love for this canine on her site.

Hoskins Pugs Increases Sales by 80% with WebsiteWorks website

Charie Hoskins is a pug breeder in Oly, WA. She’s maintained a successful dog breeding business for 5 years. She purchased her WebsitesWorks website 2 years ago with the intention to grow her business and display photos of her pups for sale on the web.

How to Build a Breeder Website

Do you want a website that is inexpensive,
easy to set-up, and update?

Top 7 Reasons Why You Need A Website:
1. Your customers expect one
2. Your competitors have one
3. You need to be found on search engines
4. Pre-qualify families
5. Project professionalism & create trust
6. You need to communicate regularly with customers
7. Your customers need a way to communicate with you

It has never been easier for you to build your own breeder website and update it at any time with our easy to use website builder. Once your website it live, it'll be easy to promote your breeds through your website and grow your business. If you can send email, you can build your very own website with this easy website builder.

Adding Text is Easy: Adding Images is Easy Too!
How to build a website Easy website builder

You can choose from hundreds of professionally designed website templates. Once you select your design, simply add content through the easy text editor. You can customize your design so that it has your logo, and your favorite colors. We supply you with all the tools you'll need to attract potential dog owners to your website, and to keep them coming back.

How To Build Your Breeder Website in Three Steps

  1. Start Your Free Trial
  2. Choose your design
  3. Add Content

It's Easy to Build A Successful Breeder Website with These
Features Included in Every Website

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Unlimited live support
  • Calendar
  • Testimonials page
  • FAQ page
  • Family Tree
  • Maps
  • Photo Albums
  • Poll & Quiz
  • Hit Counter
  • Downloads for your visitors
  • Address Book

  • The website builder has everything you need for your website, so there is no need to have a programmer and designer build your website. The best part is, you can update your website whenever you want, and you don't have to pay someone to do it!

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Popular Features Included in Your Breeder Website

Top 3 reasons why people will buy your pups when they see your site!
1. You gave prospects an easy way to find you.
2. You have a professional looking website that makes you look responsible and serious.
3. You have your own domain name and email address at your domain name which gives you added professionalism.

Additional Features included in the Silver and Gold Packages
to help you communicate with your clients
and also enables you to sell online.

  • 10 email addresses
  • 500 MB of email storage
  • Autoresponder
  • Shopping Cart
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Top 8 Questions Answered

1. Why do I need a website when my customers don't buy online?
Websites are ubiquitous today. It's like a business card. You cannot operate successfully without having one. All your customers expect you to have one. If a potential buyer is choosing between you and another breeder, a good website will often be the tipping point. It's also a great way to stay in constant communication with prospects and customers.
2. Won't everyone have the same page as me?
No. We have hundreds of templates and each one is customizable. You can choose the colors and fonts that you want. The photos of your dogs and the text you upload to your website will also add a level of personalization as you have your own way of communicating with your customers. You can also upload your logo or a seal of certification and even get a customized header to make you website truly unique. Email us on how to do that.
3. Can I update the text (at anytime)?
Definitely! This is a major benefit for you. This is why you do not need a web designer. You don't have to wait on anyone to create your text or image updates.
4. Can I change the look and the design of my website?
Of course! You can change your design as often as you like. Oftentimes breeders will change designs with the seasons to keep the website looking fresh. Best of all, you will never lose any content when you change your design!
5. Can you create a custom design for me?
We can create a custom header for you for $149. If you have your own custom header, membership or certification seal, or other design element that is the correct size, we will upload it for you at no charge. Email us on how to do that.
6. What features are included? Do I have to use them all now?
You have a lot of features included on your website. View the features page to read more on the features your website includes. Most web designers do not offer the business tools that are available with the website you can create on WebsiteWorks. You can turn any of your pages on/off and you can use (or not use) any of the features that come with your specific package. You can view the features included in each package here.

7. Can I cancel at any time?
Yes. You can cancel any time.
8. Will you help me get my new site on Google and the other search engines?
The site builder allows you to change and update your metatags and also has a Sitemap which will help the search engines better crawl your website. You can view statistics on where your visitors are coming from, what keywords they are using to search and which pages they are spending time on. If you would like to be proactive in marketing your website online and would like some help, you can discuss your marketing needs with one of our Marketing Specialists by emailing us or calling us 7 days a week at 1 (877) 769-3836.